#3 What will happen next?

By April 22, 2020Our Journey

You now know the past and the present, but just like in a famous Christmas movie, we will now show you the future. We worked hard before and we will continue giving everything we have for our dream. The future is yet to come, but we have a good feeling about what is about to happen.

Our dream is to make the planet smile again, but what does that truly mean?

We believe the planet consists of 2 parts, the Earth itself and its inhabitants. Bertho has always been passionate about the environment and how things work in their essence, and I am all about the people and how their lack of education can influence global problems.

With his strategic thinking and his dedication, Bertho wants to create a plan to clean the oceans and attenuate pollution by planting millions of trees. On the other hand, I want to focus my empathy and my boldness on destroying social biases, educating people to accept others, and teaching them how to love themselves more.

We strongly believe that uniting our passions, with our innovative and creative thinking, and with the education we can receive at NYU Shanghai, we can create a future we can all look forward to, and make the planet smile again.

But why should you help us?

We want to do all those beautiful improvements to the world, but it isn’t enough just to want. We can guarantee you that we will do everything we can, we will work harder than everybody else and we will use every resource we have in order to achieve our dream.

Just six months ago, being accepted by a top university seemed impossible. We did something unbelievable once and we will do it again. Our journey will continue having barriers for us to overcome, and today, that barrier is to raise more than 80k by the beginning of August. We will try even harder than before and we will get stronger with every challenge we will face. Why us? Because we proved once that everything is possible and we will continue doing so. Because if we succeed the planet will smile again. Because we know we can make it.

You now know everything there is to know about us. Thank you for following our journey, and for being a part of it. We can’t wait to continue sharing everything we will accomplish with you, and we hope that together we can make the planet smile again!


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