#2 How did we get here?

By April 22, 2020Our Journey

In the last article, we talked about us and who we are in general, but what if we go back in time and tell you how we got here and what decisions made us the people we are today.

Searching for Pokemons but finding our friendship

It all started 4 years ago when we ended up hunting Pokemons together. From that day we became friends. Being in the same class really helped our friendship, and over the years we started to spend more and more time together. From partying at festivals to even going on double dates.

But, our true journey started at the beginning of our senior year, on September 15, 2019, to be more precise. Everyone knew where they wanted to study after high-school, and it seemed like they had their entire future planned. So, on the first day of school, we had a really serious conversation on this topic. We both realized that we want to make a great impact on the world, but to do so we need a strong education.

Google search: Dream school

Therefore, our first step was to choose the universities we want to apply to. To be able to go through more than 500 universities in a short period of time, we had to be creative and invent a filtering system [We will talk more about our system in the next articles].

We wanted to find a school that can offer us a 21-century education, where we can transform our ideas into reality, and where we can become the business-men the planet needs. So, we ended up picking 15 universities in total, 4 from USA, 4 from The Netherlands, and the rest from different parts of the world, our top pick being NYU Shanghai.

From zero to hero SAT Edition

After we made our selection, the hardest part came. We had 2 months to prepare for 4 pretty hard exams. To prove our English proficiency we had to take the TOEFL, to be able to apply in the United States of America we had to take the SAT, to be eligible for a business bachelor at a European University we had to take the SAT Subject Test on Math Level 1, and because one of our American universities required 2 subject tests, we ended up taking the Spanish proficiency one even though, when we made our choice, we only knew 3 words in Spanish: “Hola como estas?”

In the week before the SAT, we skipped school and studied 24/7. We used to wake up at 8 am, do a practice test for 3 hours, check the mistakes, and then work on our weaknesses. It was really hard for us because we only had the free online resources, and some borrowed books to help us study. On the exam day, we were confident. Everyone else seemed stressed and scared, but Bertho and I were cracking up jokes as usual.

Last-minute applications

After the exams, we had to focus on our applications. Besides the pieces of information we had to fill out, we also had to write a personal essay and a specific one for each university highlighting the reason why we want to study there.

In Romania, we don’t have writing classes, and because English is our second language, it was a little bit hard for us to write the essays. We were lucky to find some interesting books regarding the composition structure and some youtube videos about how we should approach the main subject. With our first drafts, we went to Fulbright Romania [a cultural and educational center for Romanian students who want to study at American universities], to get a professional opinion about our writings. Surprisingly, the counselors were really impressed by our work. They said that our essays are one of the best they have ever seen and they can’t believe it’s our first draft. Next thing we know, Christmas came and we only had six days left to send our applications. We still had a lot of work to do, but we manage to deliver everything on time, my last application being sent 20 seconds before the deadline.

To be or not to be accepted

The only thing we had left to do was to wait. After two months we received our first results, and we were really happy to see that we got accepted to 4 out of 4 universities in The Netherlands. And after one more month, the admission letters from the American Universities started to come one by one. Out of 4 responses, the first 3 were not in our favor. The last letter was from our first pick university, so we were not expecting much. But, on March 31, our hard work has been paid off, and we got accepted, together, with partial scholarships, at NYU Shanghai!

A piece of our acceptance letter

I hope you enjoyed our trip down the memory lane, now let’s see what will happen next.


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