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By April 22, 2020Our Journey

By now you probably know that we are both from Bucharest, Romania, we got accepted at NYU Shanghai, and we need your support to continue our journey. But, there is a lot about us you don’t know yet so let’s get into it!


My name is Alex and I am the creative one.

5 words that describe me: Energetic, adaptable, sentimental, accepting, and bold

My favorite food: Definitely Gyros. There is an amazing greek restaurant right next to my house. So if we ever go out you now know where I’m taking you.

5 things from my bucket list:

  • Provide free education for 1 billion kids from disadvantaged areas.
  • Destroy the beauty standards and other social biases.
  • Visit every country and dive into learning all about their culture and traditions.
  • Finish a Marathon, Triathlon, and an Antarctic Ice Marathon.
  • Go vegan and use only cruelty-free animal products.

My favorite quotes:

  • “There is only one you. And there will never be another one. That’s your power” – Mel Robbins
  • “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” – Confucius
  • “You were not born to fit in, you were born to stand out” – Ru Paul

My role models:

  • Chella Man – a transgender, deaf, and Jewish artist who, through his personal experiences, taught me how to accept and love myself 
  • Yes Theory – a group of 3 guys who encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone every time I get the chance
  • Ru Paul – the well-known drag artist, who taught me self-expression and authenticity

My favorite song: It’s a tough choice to make. I listen to music 24/7 and every day a new song grabs my attention, but here’s one with a really powerful message: High Hopes by Panic At The Disco. If you want to explore my music preferences more, feel free to check my playlists on Spotify. (For my Spotify Click Here )

My morning routine: Before this quarantine, I had a really strict morning routine, I would wake up at 6 am, meditate, work out, shower, and go to school. Now, I don’t have one anymore. I try to make the most out of the free time this quarantine has offered me, so you will find me working 24/7 on different projects to raise money for university, to grow intellectually, and to understand myself better. 

My name is Bertho and I am the strategic one.

5 words that describe me: Disciplined, calm, active, funny and hardworking

My favorite food: Definitely meatballs with sour cream sauce but only from my semi-boarding school canteen. Anywhere else they don’t taste the same.

5 things from my bucket list:

  • Help remove all the plastic from the world oceans.
  • Donate 1 million meals to homeless and poor people.
  • Repopulate the forests with at least 100 million trees.
  • Swim at the Great Barrier Reef and between continental plates in Iceland.
  • Be on Forbes Magazine after I achieve all of the above.

My favorite quotes:

  • “I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” – Banksy
  • “Reason shows us there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Seneca

My role model:

Warren Buffett – He wasn’t rich when he was a kid, and I like to think that I can do the same as he did and become an important person. He is very humble and today he still lives in a small house in his home town. He also donated billions of dollars to charities. He influences the world in a good way and doesn’t brag about his money. I think he is the closest resemblance to what I want to be in life.

My favorite song: My favorite song is without a doubt Imagine by John Lenon. I know that it is impossible to accomplish all those great things that he talks about but it is great to sit and listen about peace and a quiet world. Very relaxing.

My morning routine: I don’t have a morning ritual. I just wake up, eat, brush my teeth, and get dressed. I don’t like to exercise in the morning because I like to start my day slowly.

Now that we know each other a little bit better, let’s talk about how we got here!


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