2 Guys 1 Dream

To make the planet smile again!

We are Alex & Bertho and we got admitted at NYUShanghai Class of 2024. From the beginning, our journey had barriers for us to overcome and we will continue to go through every other challenge we will encounter.
Today, that challenge is to raise more than 80k by the beginning of August.
Watch our short animation and see who we are, how we got here, and what will happen next.
Strength lies in differences,
not in similarities
Be the reason
someone smiles today
Beautiful minds:
connect, inspire, support


We are Alex and Bertho, two highschool students from Bucharest, studying at “Spiru Haret” National College. Our journey started in September 2019 when we decided to begin working towards our dream.

In two months, we studied for our exams [SAT and TOEFL] and managed to get accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, NYU Shanghai. We are the only Romanians admitted to the Class of 2024, but unfortunately, our partial scholarships aren’t enough for us to pay our tuition [over 71k per person].

We have to raise 80.370 $ by the beginning of August in order to go, together, to Shanghai. Until now we received the help of 436 people, totalling 5.801 USD. Be the next one that help us continue our journey, and give us a chance to fulfil our dream!


We strongly believe that uniting our passions, with our innovative and creative thinking, and with the education we can receive at NYU Shanghai, we can create a future we can all look forward too. Share our dream, and help us become an example for everyone who doesn’t believe that they have to stand out and not fit in!

Reach the


Our dream is to make the planet smile again, but what does that truly mean?

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Here you can continue following us and watching our story. Stay tuned!

April 22, 2020

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#1 Who are we?

By now you probably know that we are both from Bucharest, Romania, we got accepted at NYU Shanghai, and we need your support to continue our journey. But, there is…


They have been with us since the beginning. They support us unconditionally and provide us with important information from their own experience. They are fantastic!


I hope you will finish your studies, never give up. And I wish you will get all the money you need. Keep a positive attitude. I know its not a lot but I hope it will help you.

Bianca Alexandra

I am glad that I had the opportunity to contribute. I have donated a little and I hope that, with me and my cousin sharing Alex & Bertho’s project, many more people will learn about their journey and will be willing to help them out. Alex & Bertho did the hard part and we are just giving them wings. I wish you good luck on your journey!


This is a very important test for you two. The pressure is high and it will continue rising, but all your hard work comes with some incredible life lessons. I'm rooting for you and don't forget to trust your powers and keep following your dream.


Wow, congratulations on your effort and perseverance. These are qualities of winners. I am confident that your hard work will pay off. As I like to say, “The best is yet to come”!. Also, congratulations to your family and friends for supporting you. Alex si Bertho, you are the best!


Congratulations on your motivation, you are one step closer to your dream. The majority of people only wishes to succeed without putting any effort into it. Nothing is impossible. Prove that your chances are increased when you are ambitious and think positively!!. You are amazing, an example for teenagers and parents.


I congratulate and appreciate you! We have been following your story for quite some time. I wish you inspiration and good luck for the upcoming journey, Alex & Bertho!


Congratulations! You said it right. Nothing is impossible. This should be everyone`s motto


YEEEYYY-WOOWW-YESSS, CONGRATULATIONS! We are happy for your success and for all the positive emotions you are living through right now. I wish you a journey filled with unforgettable experiences!


Wooooow, what a piece of wonderful news! I wish you inspiration and the power to continue working at your full capacity.



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Alex & Bertho
Adress: 51, Marasesti Bvd, Bucharest, RO
Phone: +40 722 266 610
Email: road2nyu@gmail.com